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All plastic on Empower Marketplace is fully certified and comes documented with verified provenance along with social and environmental impact data.

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Easy Access to Reliable Recycled Plastic From Across the Globe

Strict Quality Standards

More than just a marketplace, we’re involved through the full journey of each material - from the initial plastic collection all the way to the final listing.

Each step is documented, verified and fully traceable.

Accurate Documentation

While other marketplaces are plagued with unverifiable provenance for their materials, our blockchain-based traceability technology guarantees the authenticity of every listing and stops corruption in its tracks.

Large Variety & Capacity

Get access to hundreds of recycled materials immediately.

Our tracking technology can help you set up a predictable supply chain of feedstock for post processing and manufacture.

Documented Impact Stories

Create a powerful environmental narrative for your products. 

Every item on the Empower Marketplace comes with photos and a story of the specific cleanup operation that produced the plastic.

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See the full range of recycled plastic available right now

When Dow began an initiative to turn waste plastic into new materials in Lagos, they were met with a major problem. 

Local collectors would make promises, but fail to come through at the last moment, leaving facilities ready to go, but without feedstock. 

By partnering with Empower, Dow can now get access to the plastic feedstock they need with a far more accurate and predictable supply chain that is crucial for the efficiency of their business.

“Dow and Empower is a match made in heaven”

Haley Lowrey | Global Sustainability Director, Dow

We’re Involved In Every Step of the Journey

Waste Picker / Consumers

Collection Center

Waste Aggregator

Recycling Facilities


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See the full range of recycled plastic available right now

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Unlike most plastics marketplaces, we’ve built an infrastructure of technology and people that covers the full journey of every piece of plastic available on our platform.


Delivering Tangible Business Outcomes
With a Real Environmental Impact

Boost the value of
your products

Save on
environmental taxes

Authentic marketing  with verifiable impact

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Øyvind Bjørnstad
Head of Strategy & Sustainability,

“We are excited to partner with a digital innovator like Empower and bring real impact to our partners and customers.”

Øyvind Bjørnstad
Head of Strategy & Sustainability,

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Erna Solberg,
Prime Minister of Norway

Erna Solberg,
Prime Minister of Norway

“You have worked hard to bring an innovation initiative to the forefront of global solutions for plastic waste and the circular economy. And being awarded as the Impact Prize winner at the European Social Innovation Competition for having made the most progress this year is a testament of your work.”

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