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The Future of Plastic is Circular

Empower generates value out of plastic
waste – enabling collectors, recyclers, brands and consumers to make a real impact on the environment.

The Future of Plastic is Circular

Empower generates value out of plastic
waste – enabling collectors, recyclers, brands and consumers to make a real impact on the environment.

Turning Waste Plastic Into realized sustainability targets

As the shift in green consumer behavior accelerates, brands are increasingly under pressure to take meaningful action – yet their efforts are met with significant roadblocks.

Despite millions of tons of plastic going to waste each year, we have a distinct lack of quality recycled plastic stock on the global market.

  • Limited supply Due to lack of marketplace and transparency.
  • Limited infrastructure For collection and clean-ups.
  • Limited access For smaller suppliers to the market.

"It's hard to find suitable recycled material. Nestlé says its's willing to spend more than $2 billion to try and fix that (...) and it would be paying above the market rate for the recycled material."


Empower offers smart tools for every link in the plastics value chain

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Empower Plastic Credits

Brands and organisations are looking for ways to make impact and meet their environmental pledges.

Empower Plastic Credits allow them to fund plastic clearing activities all around the world.This not only helps clear up plastic pollution, but create an income for marginalised communities.

The blockchain-enabled tracking means that the plastic collected can be fully certified, standardised and sold on the global market.

Tracking also includes photographic evidence of each cleanup – meaning that plastic credit buyers have a tangible way to verify and communicate their impact to the world.

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Empower Plastic Credits
Empower Tracking

Empower Tracking

Thousands of small scale collectors and recyclers operate independently around the world. But their access to the global recycled plastic market is limited.

Empower Tracking is a digital platform for recyclers to easily track their plastic – from cleanup to processing. This means their plastic can comply with EU regulations and other certifications.

By using blockchain technology the tracking data is immutable – which safeguards the process against corruption.

This drastically increases the value of plastic waste and the revenue for the collectors – which works as a powerful incentive for further collection and recycling.

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Empower Marketplace

The majority of waste plastic collection is done by small, local enterprises around the world.

Because they only have access to their local market, much of the plastic waste that’s harder to recycle has remained in the environment.

At the same time, large manufacturers and processors are unable to meet their demands for waste plastic feedstock.

Empower Marketplace bridges that gap. It allows for local collectors to easily comply with requirements, and get direct access to the global market.

The large manufacturers gain predictable access to much needed stock – backed by fully transparent and verifiable tracking data.

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Empower Marketplace
Empower Product Passport

Empower Product Passport

Changing consumer habits have created a demand for products that address the problems caused by environmental pollution.

Brands and manufacturers are looking for ways to make a real difference – and to demonstrate this to consumers.

Empower Product Passport enables brands to show consumers the full provenance of all the recycled materials in their products.

With a quick scan, a customer can see the full journey – including photographs. They can track the product from say a beach cleanup operation in Cameroon – through the recycling and manufacturing process – all the way to the shelf.

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Dow and Empower is a match made in Heaven.

Haley Lowrey
Haley Lowrey | Global Sustainability Director of Dow

The Empower Platform is smart, efficient and easy to use.

Ali Sabo Yakasai
Ali Sabo Yakasai | CEO of Anthophila

Empower has guided us strategically with a high sense of respect for the local situation in Laos. We are excited to continue our work with Empower!

Åshild Aarøy
Åshild Aarøy | CEO of Phamai

Recycling is the way we say thank you to our planet and the Empower platform helps us to do this more efficiently.

Victor Shittu
Victor Shittu | CEO of Recyclex

The Platform is easy and intuitive and the training of our employees has been done very well.

Camilla Skare
Camilla Skare | CEO of Indias Barn

Empower has been awesome, allowing us to join the Plastic Credits funding program and digitize our inventory

Seun Bode
Seun Bode | CEO of Trashusers

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Countries using
Empower’s technology up until December 2021


Waste workers in marginalized communities involved approx. up until  December 2021


million kgs of plastic waste removed from nature up until December 2021

Delivering tangible business outcomes with real social and environmental impact


How Empower helped DOW secure a predictable supply of recyclable plastics

When Dow began an initiative to turn waste plastic into new materials in Lagos, they were met with a major problem.

Local collectors would make promises, but fail to come through at the last moment, leaving facilities ready to go, but without materials.

By partnering with the Empower platform, Dow can now get a real-time, digitised view into the exact volume of waste plastic being collected. This translates to a far more accurate and predictable supply chain that is crucial for the efficiency of their business.



“Dow and Empower is a match made in heaven”

HALEY LOWREY | Global Sustainability Director, Dow

How Empower made it possible for Vestre to meet its sustainability commitment with material tracking

As an innovative urban furniture manufacturer, Vestre has committed to meeting radical sustainability targets for its products.

Their goal was to provide a fully transparent and verifiable footprint of the materials they use in their innovative street furniture. But the challenges in tracking the full journey of their materials proved difficult and highly complex.

By using the Empower platform, Vestre was able to collect full, immutable tracking data – following the materials from various waste sources all the way to the finished product.



“We are excited to partner with a digital innovator like Empower and bring real impact to our partners and customers.”

ØYVIND BJØRNSTAD | Head of Strategy & Sustainability, Vestre

How Empower helped create a new market and incentivised the collection of over 600 tons of waste plastic to date

Every day tons of water sachets are dumped in Nigeria. In the city of Kano, this waste stream was clogging sewers, polluting the land and the waterways in the region.
Due to low value, there was no incentive for cleanup crews to collect and process this source of waste plastic.
Using the Empower platform, Anthophila was able to access a new global market for the plastic. This created the much needed economic incentive to collect over 600 tons of this waste while providing income for over 4000 people so far.



“We have been able to incentivize and collect new types of recyclables and bring this to new buyers - resulting in more local jobs and addressing a big pollution problem in the region”

ALI SABO YAKASAI | CEO, Anthophila Alliance LTD

How Empower helped an NGO create infrastructure to clear plastic waste, create employment and track the impact made

Indias Barn, an NGO in India began an initiative to help the local plastic pollution problem.
They needed the right infrastructure and economic incentive to enable people to not only deal with the immediate concerns, but make it a long-lasting solution.

Empower assisted in setting up state of the art collection points in multiple villages in India.

By using the intuitive Empower platform, the local teams could get funding through plastic credits, certify the collected plastic and access the global market to increase profits from waste collection. This means better wages and more jobs for the underprivileged rural population outside Mumbai – as well as a cleaner, less polluted environment.



“The Platform is easy and intuitive and the training of our employees has been successfully and easily executed. We expect to keep expanding this to many more villages in the coming years”

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Our Global Alliances


“You have worked hard to bring an innovation initiative to the forefront of global solutions for plastic waste and the circular economy. And being awarded as the Impact Prize winner at the European Social Innovation Competition for having made the most progress this year is a testament of your work.”

ERNA SOLBERG, Prime Minister of Norway

Empower in the News


A plastic waste deposit system

Empower is a Norwegian start-up using blockchain technology that rewards community action


The Blockchain Startup That Plans To Save The World From Plastic Waste

“Much of the plastic that ends up in rivers, oceans and landfill sites can be recycled but to some extent that requires a will on the part of consumers around the globe (…)

Enter Norwegian startup, Empower. By using a blockchain-enabled system, the company believes it can successfully nudge consumers – and particularly those in emerging markets – towards taking the kind of action that will significantly reduce plastic pollution.”

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Cleaning up plastic in the ocean with blockchain technology and ocean plastic certificates

“A Norwegian collaborative project may have cracked the code for cleaning up plastic waste in the ocean quickly and cost-effectively with the help of blockchain technology, ocean plastic certificates and specialised vessels.”

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How to use blockchain to clean up the world's oceans

“Empower is a blockchain alternative to the recycling system in Norway, where people are paid to return plastic bottles to shops. Collectors get paid a small amount of between 15 and 30 cents depending on the size of the plastic bottle returned. But the scheme has been wildly successful: 97% of plastic bottles are returned.

Myrer aims to take Norway’s native plastic exchange system global, rewarding anyone with plastic waste in tokens at certified recycling stations.”

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About Us

Much like some of the best ideas, the inspiration for Empower came after a chance meeting at a party.

Three years later and Empower has become a world recognised platform that has helped to take over 45,000 tonnes of waste plastic out of the environment and bring it into the market.

Headed by a team dedicated to bridging the gap between business and the environment, Empower’s vision is to grow a circular economy by giving recycled plastic a robust economic value.

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